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About Westmoreland County

Westmoreland County was the first county established in the colony of Pennsylvania west of the Allegheny Mountains in 1773. Older than the United States government, it was the last county established under British colonial rule. Westmoreland County is the eighth largest of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania encompassing 1,025 square miles and a population of 369,993. Greensburg is the County Seat of Westmoreland County.

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County Seat: Greensburg

Land Area (sq mi): 1025.5
Water Area (sq km): 28.12

Longitude: -079561874
Latitude: +40326108

Total Households: 149,813
Average Household Size: 2.4

Total Families: 104,597
Average Family Size: 2.9

Total Population: 369,993

Male: 178,435
Female: 191,558

American Indian: 327
Asian/Pacific Island: 1,984
Black/African American: 7,446
White: 357,325
Other: 2,911
Hispanic: 1,869

17 & under: 81,230
18 to 39: 95,488
40 to 64: 125,494
65 to 74: 34,453
75+: 33,328

Median Age Male: 40
Median Age Female: 43

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County Info
Westmoreland County
Westmoreland County Courthouse
Courthouse Square
2 North Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601

(724) 830-3000

The Board of County Commissioners:

Tom Bayla,

Thomas C. Ceraso,
Vice Chariman

P. Scott Conner,

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