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City of Latrobe Volunteer Fire Department

The Latrobe Fire Department, founded over a century ago, began with a single fire station and a handful of volunteers. It since has developed into a mainstay within the community. To date, there are five strategically located fire stations and over one hundred volunteers. Latrobe Fire Department is responsible for the following: Fire Suppression, Fire Prevention & Education, Vehicle Rescue, Hazardous Material Incidents, Disaster Preparedness, Aircraft Crash Fire/Rescue ( Westmoreland Count Airport).

Latrobe Fire Department Historical Background:
The first organized fire protection in the City of Latrobe was established on December 19, 1879 with fifteen individuals gathered to form Goodwill Hose Company #1. At the time Borough Council purchased their first piece of apparatus, a small hand pulled cart. This specialized vehicle, which cost $800.00, sported a chemical tank, a hand ladder, pike poles, and ten leather buckets. Council at the time also endorsed A. J. Keepers its first Fire Chief.

As the community expanded, the need for fire protection grew. Hook & Ladder Company #2 and Freewill Hose Company #3 were organized in 1886. At this time the three existing companies were united to form the original Latrobe Fire Department. The year 1886 established two more firsts for the department. Fire hose was purchased to replace the old "Bucket Brigade System", twenty fire hyrants were installed, and three more hand carts were purchased which carried 300 feet of hose.

With the population of the Borough continually increasing, even more fire protection was needed. In 1906, Free Service Fire Unit #6 was organized, followed by Good Friends Hose Company #5 in 1907. On April 20, 1908 the various companies combined forces to make what is know as today's Latrobe Volunteer Fire Department. To celebrate the occasion, the Department staged its first parade one month later.

Following the re-organization, the Department purchased a horse drawn Hook & Ladder Truck to compliment its fleet of hose carts.

Not until 1918, thirty-nine years after the Department was born, was the first piece of motorized equipment purchased -- an American LaFrance 750 GPM Pumper.

A 350 GPM Seagrave engine was added in 1923. Numerous other Pumpers and Ladder Trucks were purchased in the following years, some with financial assistance of the City.

A memorable event was staged in Latrobe in September 1989, as the State Firemen's Convention was held here.

In January of 1998 the Borough of Latrobe became the City of Latrobe.

Today LVFD apparatus roster lists 14 pieces of equipment, which includes: 5 engines, 1 ladder truck, 2 rescues, 1 squad, 1 air/light unit, 1 Vent/Haz-mat unit, 1 special services vehicle, 1 Canteen, and a salvage truck.

GOODWILL HOSE COMPANY #1: Located - Oak & Alexandria; Organized - December, 19, 1879; Apparatus - 1970-1000 GPM Engine, 1986-Squad, 1999-Salvage; Company Color - yellow.

HOOK & LADDER COMPANY #2: Located - City Municipal Building on Jefferson Street is manned 24 hours a day; Organized - 1886; Apparatus - 1978-100 ft. Aerial Truck , 1997-2000 GPM Engine, 1988-Rescue, 1990 -Special Services Vehicle; Company Color - green.

FREEWILL HOSE COMPANY #3: Located - Lehmer & Ridge; Organized - 1886; Apparatus - 1978-1500 GPM Engine, 2002-Vent/Haz-mat; Company Color - Silver/Black.

GOOD FRIENDS HOSE COMPANY #5 : Located - Avenue A; Organized - 1907; Apparatus - 1994-2000-GMP Engine, 1999-Rescue; Company Color- Blue.

FREE SERVICE UNIT #6: Located - Lloyd Avenue; Organized - 1906; Apparatus - 1975-1000 GPM Engine, 1997 Air/Light; Company Color - Red.

Apparatus for Five Companies totals: 13 Units
City of Latrobe Volunteer Fire Department
901 Jefferson Street
Latrobe, PA  15650

(724) 537-8901
(724) 537-7350 fax
       John Brasili, Fire Chief

Department meeting the first Thursday of the month at 8:00 pm.
There are no events for this organization

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