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The greater Derry Area was first settled in 1769. It was known as the Derry Settlement and was initially settled by the Scotch-Irish. The settlement quickly grew in population. It has historically developed as an agricultural area with early settlers clearing land of trees to cultivate the soil. With the coming of the Pennsylvania Railroad the trend towards industrialization quickened its pace. Soon villages began to blossom around the railroad stations and mines. A transition of the area population began. Derry Township and Derry Borough have maintained a unique relationship. The citizens of these two municipalities share each other's joys and sorrows. The greater Derry Area continues to grow, develop and expand. Long gone are the days of the deep coal mines and the steam railroad, instead, they have been replaced by manufacturers, and Internet service providers. Quietly, the Greater Derry Area has diversified as it prepares to meet the future.



Type: Borough

Land Area (sq. mi): .8
Water Area (sq km): 0.05

Longitude: -079301011
Latitude: +40333037

Total Households: 1,134
Average Household Size: 2.5

Total Population: 2,688

American Indian: 2
Asian/Pacific Island: 8
Black/African American: 17
White: 2,639
Other: 3
Hispanic: 21

Under 18: 629
20 to 34: 429
35 to 64: 1126
65 and over: 429

Median Age Male: 37.2
Median Age Female: 41.7

School District:
Derry Area School District

Type: Township

Land Area (sq. mi): 95.8
Water Area (sq km): 3.94

Longitude: -079329631
Latitude: +40360080

Total Households: 6135
Average Household Size: 2.25

Total Population: 14,726

American Indian: 5
Asian/Pacific Island: 34
Black/African American: 188
White: 14,149
Other: 26
Hispanic: 83

Under 18: 2,721
20 to 34: 2,084
35 to 64: 6,489
65 and over: 2,879

Median Age Male: 39.6
Median Age Female: 41.8

School District:
Derry Area School District

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Planning to Move Here?
Derry Area School District
Derry Christian Academy

Just Moved Here?
Electric - West Penn Power
Gas - Peoples Gas
Water - Derry Municipal Authority, Latrobe Municipal Authority, Highridge Municipal Authority
Cable - Comcast
Phone - Verizon

See additional surrounding area utilities.

*AML does not support or endorse any utility. This list is merely provided for informational purposes.

City Info - Derry Borough
Derry Borough Office
114 East Second Avenue
Derry, PA 15627

David J. Bolen

Derry Borough Council

John R. McCreary

Vice President
James E. Byers Sr.

President Pro Tem
Charles S. DeRito

Kristine Melville
John E. Patrick
James Ritenour
Chris Gerhard

Zoning Officer
Bob Sieminkewicz

Rachel S. Riedel

Tax Collector
Lynn Ewing

City Info - Derry Township
Derry Township Office
5321 Route 982
Derry, PA 15627

Chairman of the Board of Supervisors
Vince DeCario

Vice Chairman
David A. Slifka

Danny Rullo

David A. Slifka

Code Officer
Terry Giannini

Tax Collector
Berkheimer Tax Administrator

Karen Krinock, Real Estate

Dodaro, Matta & Cambest

Fire Chief
Mark Piantine

James Nicely

Sewage Enforcement Officer
Emil A. Bove

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