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May 2001

Tick tick tick tick. Like a time bomb waiting to go off, the sound of a roller coaster climbing that first hill inspires feelings of excitement, anticipation, and heart-pounded adventure. Soon residents of Southwest Pennsylvania (and coaster lovers world-wide) will listen to this thrilling sound coming from a brand new coaster, as Kennywood Park launches The Phantom's Revenge.

If you just can't wait until you get your chance at the new ride, try visiting Kennywood's web site. This cleanly designed site has information about pricing, dates of operation, and links to Kennywood's sister sites of Idlewild, Lake Compounce, and Sandcastle. You can even order your admission tickets online. Visit the "Attractions" section to see pictures and read descriptions of major rides, and check out the progress for the Phantom's Revenge, and take a virtual ride by clicking on the animated movies. Before leaving make sure to send a friend a Kennywood email postcard. And make a trip to Kennywood for some great summer fun!

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