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October 2000

Between the start of football and hockey seasons and the kickoff to the holiday season with Halloween, families everywhere are watching and playing games of every sort. Now there's a web site to help instruct players and watchers about proper "rules" for all sorts of activities. And not all the rules are game rules. You can also use this site to find rules of etiquette, rules to avoid collisions at sea, and rules of good writing.

EveryRule divides "rules" up into a variety of categories to help you locate the game or topic of your choice. These include Kids Games, Casino Games, Sports Rules, Board Games, Card Games, and even Electronic Games. Sample games include Marco Polo, Craps, Bocce, Yahtzee, Cincinnati Poker, and Deer Hunter 2 CD game. One special section provides you with the rules to television game shows, such as "The Newlywed Game." There's even rules for dog shows, and Yo-Yo competitions. You can scan alphabetical listings or search by topics or games.

So, when the arguments break out over the official rules for NFL replays, or when you've looked everywhere but you just can't find the rulebook that came with your Monopoly set, don't despair. Check out EveryRule!

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