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Stan Gordon: The Elusive Bigfoot
Organization: Caldwell Memorial Library
Description: Stan Gordon began investigating reports of Bigfoot sightings in Pennsylvania in the late 1960's. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses who claim to have encountered these strange hairy creatures. Sightings of Bigfoot continue to take place yearly in PA and across the country. Why then have no bodies ever been found? Could Bigfoot be something other than an undiscovered animal species? You will hear about some of the strangest Bigfoot incidents ever documented in this illustrated lecture. Stan will also present startling details of Bigfoots and UFOs seen together. Bigfoot tracks that suddenly vanish from trails, and government interest in these episodes.

Due to high demand, we cannot guarantee a seat to anyone who has not registered at CML in advance.

Location: Caldwell Memorial Library, Derry

Date & Time:

Registration is required

Contact information:
Contact: Caldwell Memorial Library
Phone: (724) 694-5765

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