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Borrowing Policies

- Fees and Loan Periods

Checking Out
Our loan period is two weeks for all items. This includes books, movies, music, toys and software. After two weeks, you may renew the items as long as no one is waiting for them (this is called a reserve. Items "on reserve" may not be renewed.) We permit a total of four renewals past the original check-out period, for a maximum total of 12 weeks. After this, the materials must be checked in and returned to the shelves for the use of other patrons.

Lost and Damaged Items
In applying for a library card, you agree to abide by the rules of the library. One of the rules is that you are legally responsible for materials as long as they are checked out to you. If you lose or damage a book, you are responsible to make restitution to the library on behalf of the community who will no longer be able to use that item. You borrowing privileges may be suspended until the matter is resolved.

Each item has a monetary value which includes the amount paid for it plus a processing fee that covers costs for barcode stickers, labeling, lamination and other mechanical attachments that allow the item to circulate. The librarian on duty will be able to determine the cost for the item if it is no longer possible to circulate the item. The processing fee is $3.00 for a lost book, and assorted fees for individual damage for items such as barcodes.

It does happen that a lost book will turn up after you have paid for its replacement. We clear the records of books that have been marked "lost and paid for" after about three months. If the book is returned while we still have a record for the item in our system, we will be able to determine the cost you would have been charged and can refund your money. Once the record is purged from the system, we have no way to determine how much money was paid on the item, and you will not be able to get a refund.

Renewing Items
You can renew in person at any branch, regardless of which branch you checked the item out at originally, unless it is "reserved" by another patron. You may also call any branch during the hours they are open and request renewal over the phone, or renew anytime by accessing your account online. Contact any branch if you do not know your system- assigned startup password.

Requesting/Reserving Items
You may request, free of charge, that any book on the circulating shelves at one of our branches be sent to the branch of your choice for pick-up. Any staff member will be glad to assist you in requesting an on-shelf item as a "reserve." Once the reserve is placed, no one other than you will be able to check the item out until you return it. Most items are shuttled to the requesting branch in one to two days. We will call and notify you when the item arrives at the branch you designate. You have one week from the time of notification to pick the item up before we return it to the shelves of the other branch.

If the item you need is checked out at the time you request it, we will reserve it and when the item is returned we will call you to let you know it has become available. Once we notify you that it is available, you will have one week to pick the item up before we pass it on to the next person on the reserve list or return it to the shelves.

If you would like an item that is not owned by the library or any of its branches, you may request an interlibrary loan at no charge. Please see the interlibrary loan section.

Returning Items
You may return any item from any library in Westmoreland County, with the exception of the items in the Resource Center. (Because of the nature of these items, they cannot be placed in any bookdrop or returned to any other branch except the main branch in Latrobe.)

If you wish to return a book when the library is closed, you may take advantage of any of our three bookdrops. These are located outside the main branch on Chestnut Street, outside the entrance at Caldwell Memorial Library, and at Sarnelli's Market in Donegal. Please note that if an item is overdue when it is placed in the bookdrop, an overdue charge will be assessed. This will remain on your card until you pay the fine.

You may also return books checked out at other state-wide libraries as long as they are members of the ACCESS PA reciprocal borrowing program (most are.)

Last updated: 4/18/2012
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